Welcome to SONG, The Mac Davis Center for Songwriting, an international non-profit initiative uniquely devoted to the craft of songwriting and its ability to improve lives.

The Vision: SONG represents a bold multifaceted initiative with a global reach, aiming to profoundly influence the art of storytelling through songwriting. By seamlessly intertwining an innovative songwriting academy, a meticulously curated experience, and a vibrant live music venue, SONG seeks to achieve the following objectives.


The International
Songwriting Academy

The International Song Writing Academy is focused solely on inspiring, nurturing, and advancing songwriting to students of all ages. The curriculum goes beyond technical aspects, emphasizing the strategic positioning of songwriting as a powerful cultural and artistic force. In-depth coursework will offer instruction exclusively from expert songwriters, industry professionals, and “artists in residence”, making it the first of its kind. As a visionary institution, International Song Writing Academy will serve as a beacon for songwriters nationwide, offering mentorship, education, and real-world insights from accomplished professionals.


The Song Painter Stage

SONG’s live music venue, The Song Painter Stage – A Listening Room, will function as a sanctuary for songwriters and musicians, placing a heightened focus on songwriting as an art form. In an intimate setting, every note carries a story, and open-mic nights provide a platform for voices to be heard. Ongoing performances celebrate the artists and the timeless nature of their songs.


The Song Experience

The core of SONG lies in its unique approach to storytelling, centering on Mac Davis’ remarkable journey as a songwriter and his profound impact on the music industry. The SONG Experience is an engaging, interactive collection that tells the history and impact of a diverse array of song styles from Beethoven to the Beatles and B.B. King to Bruno Mars highlighted by the Mac Davis Collection. Envisioned as a living celebration of songwriting, this immersive experience includes interactive exhibits, thematic exhibitions, authentic artifacts, and media elements. It serves as a dynamic reflection of the journey and impact of songwriting, transcending time and becoming the heartbeat of our musical culture.


SONG aspires to be the first global center uniquely devoted to songwriting.

The vision for SONG is built on the rich musical heritage of the three places that Mac Davis called home: Lubbock, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Los Angeles, California. SONG aspires to touch future generations and change lives around the globe the way that Mac himself did, by celebrating, educating and honoring the world of songwriting. By working with notable practitioners from around the globe and the many incredible talents from Lubbock, Nashville and Los Angeles, SONG will foster and empower the next generation of songwriters and assist in the creation of new opportunities to connect songs and their writers with receptive and supportive audiences.

Mac Davis was so proud of each of the three cities he called home, but he always made it a point to tell everyone that Lubbock was his hometown: “If I was going to have a flat tire without a spare… Lubbock is where I’d like to be.”


Cultivating an engaged and supportive audience for SONG and songs is just as important as creating the songs, and SONG visitors will be offered a chance to deepen their involvement not only as writers themselves, but also as supporters and even stakeholders in the landscapes emerging for music distribution and song rights ownership.

“Music can change the world”

– Beethoven

“Music is life itself.”

– Louis Armstrong

“I believe in music.”

– Mac Davis

The Impact: SONG will forge a lasting cultural, economic, and educational legacy.

Cultural Enrichment and National Awakening:

SONG is a multi-cultural movement that attracts and engages musicians, songwriters, and visitors from around the globe. The immersive exhibits, intimate performances, and educational programs create an unparalleled tapestry of songwriting artistry, inspiring generations to dream, create, and share their stories.

Economic Prosperity and Creative Flourish:

Beyond culture, SONG is an economic driver, fostering tourism, jobs, ticket sales, workshops, and local collaborations. It transforms Lubbock into a vibrant cultural hub, nurturing local, regional and international talents and contributing to the city’s growth while showcasing Lubbock as a songwriting mecca.

Educational Excellence and Lasting Legacy:

The International Songwriting Academy crafts a legacy as graduates become torchbearers of the art form. Enriching the nation and the world with their songs and stories, the academy is more than an educational institution; it’s a tradition of artistry that shapes the culture and our future.


Mac Davis influenced millions during his iconic career as an entertainer, singer and actor. His greatest pride was centered in the words and music that touched hearts and defined him as one of this lifetime’s greatest songwriters.

Mac wrote songs that were recorded and made famous by legends, including, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Bobby Goldsboro, Ray Price, Lou Rawls, Weezer, Avicii, Bruno Mars and more. Songwriting was his greatest gift, and he was always happy to share his knowledge and talent with other artists, encouraging and fostering connections with them on their journey as songwriters.

Mac was convinced that everyone has a song in their heart – a story to tell and a melody to give it life. All it takes is
the right inspiration to release it.


That inspiration will be the driving force at SONG, where the primary focus will be on the outpouring of creativity we call songwriting.


Join us by becoming part of SONG. Drop us a line letting us know how you’d like to be involved.

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